The Event

May 2, 2012 hosted by Oracle

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group Environmental Sustainability Symposium – Sustainable Corporation 2012: Sustainability as Business Strategy will focus on exchanging leading practices and solutions to advance environmental sustainability, which is essential for generating revenue growth and cost savings in today’s market.

At this event, attendees will learn:

  • How companies manage for sustainability, including the internal and external partners needed for success;
  • How to embrace environmentally sustainable innovation — including technology, product, service, and business model innovation;
  • How to successfully embed environmental sustainability into core to business strategy;
  • Key success factors for making your company a sustainability leader.

The Symposium will offer opportunities to dialogue, network, exchange ideas, and learn about the challenges and solutions being embraced by leading sustainable business innovators. The 2012 Sustainable Corporation Symposium is designed to help attendees come away with the tools, resources and strategies to come to grips with the imperative of environmental sustainability.

Who should attend?

This event is intended for anyone involved in corporate environmental sustainability including but not limited to brand management, business development, business strategy, creative directors, design engineering, facilities managers, industrial designers, marketing leadership, operations leadership, product designers, quality management, policy directors, and of course, sustainability leadership.

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